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Commercial Flooring
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Since 1994, Commercial Flooring, licensed and bonded, has provided excellent carpet and flooring installations. If your organization obtains flooring at lower rates, you still can count on Commercial Flooring to provide a most competitive bid on the installation. Send in your floor plans or blueprints, Commercial Flooring will send your organization a competetive bid for consideration.
Commercial Flooring will provide reliable and high quality commercial flooring products and installation. We represent some of the highest quality flooring product suppliers in the industry. It is your guarantee of quality flooring and professional installation: Low maintenance, long wearing, high-traffic area flooring, best colors and styles.
Experienced and trained flooring specialists will receive your blueprints and present a most competitive bid on your flooring requirements. From banks, schools, meeting rooms, reception areas, restaurants and more, Commercial Flooring will provide the most complete solutions to your flooring needs. Licensed and bonded, Commercial Flooring provides excellent flooring installations.
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